July 2013 Meetings

July 1st, 2013

We have a few meetings coming up to kickstart JuNO again and wanted to be sure you all know about them.

July 16th - Volunteers interested in being actively involved in Juno board and committees . . . we need a new leadership team.  Please consider joining us to make this neighborhood the best community to live, work and play in!

July 23rd - First Juno meeting in a long, long time.  Hot topics you want to discuss?  Reply and let us know what matters most to you!

Both meetings will be held at the West Seattle Senior Center from  6:30-7:30pm in the  AL HADIF room.

We look forward to seeing you!

JuNO is seeking new energy - do you have time to help contribute to making your community even better?  Please contact us at erica@wsjuno.com if you would like to help.  We are seeking new board members to assist with neighborhood beautification (adopt-a-street clean-up organizing), development project awareness, crime and safety, parking and overall neighborhood action.  We hope to have a meeting in July to discuss upcoming events, ways to get involved and current issues. 

We will have our regular meeting on July 12th at 6:30pm at Ginomai.  We have Cindi Barker talking about the Emergency Communication Hub (and a need for a volunteer from the Junction to assist), Bob Derry will be talking about a project for SDOT - Seismic Upgrade of the Fauntleroy Expressway http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/bridge_rehab_fauntleroy.htm, and Derrick Van Kirk will be talking about “In Motion” 

“InMotion” is funded by mitigation money put in place to help West Seattleites maintain mobility while the work on the Viaduct, First Avenue and East Marginal Way moves into high gear this Summer and Fall.  The program focuses on alternative means of getting downtown from West Seattle including walking, biking and using transit.

The In Motion program aims to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips around West Seattle and in and out of Downtown Seattle.  By giving residents customized transportation information - bus routes, walking maps, bicycling maps - that is unique to each person’s area - the hope is residents will be inspired to try new ways of getting around.

What’s new with InMotion for West Seattle is the publication of the revised West Seattle Walking Trails map.  We’ll have thousands of new copies of the very popular map, revised and printed now in full color, to distribute beginning with the West Seattle Summer Fest on Friday, July 8.

The program is being co-managed by Feet First and King County Metro with Feet First in the lead position.  The program works by having residents commit to a certain number of reduced car trips.  The InMotion folks have a goal of 10,000 Car Trip Reductions.  

The new developer for the 42nd and Oregon project in the Junction has invited us to a meeting on June 15th at 6pm at the West Seattle Senior Center to present design changes to the community.  This project has already been through the design review process, but has recently hired a developer and a new architect - they have made some changes to the plan that was previously presented.   This is a good opportunity to view the drawings and give feedback to the design changes.  The original comment period for this project was to end on June 15th - JuNO requested an extension so that we could view the new plans and design before the end of the comment period.  The revised comment period on this project ends now on June 29th.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send comments to the DPD planner, Bruce Rips, at bruce.rips@seattle.gov.  The changes to this project have been deemed ‘minor’ by DPD - in doing so it will not have to go back through the design review process.  So, this is our only opportunity to see and hear about the design changes, and to give feedback to the city before the projects master use permit is issued.  More info on the West Seattle Blog http://westseattleblog.com/2011/06/new-views-of-42ndoregon-project-more-time-to-comment#comments and http://westseattleblog.com/2011/06/oregon-42-project-followup-renderings-from-the-architect#more-75505

Meeting May 11

May 10th, 2010

Our next meeting will take place on May 11th at 6:30pm at Ginomai, corner of 42nd and Genesee.  We will be discussing crime prevention and the role of the beat cops in the Junction.   Tom Burns, a police officer assigned to the Junction will discuss the following points at our request:

A few items that we are aware of:

1.  Drug activity (and the recent death in the Junction)

2.  Homeless people living in cars on our streets (we have called in some ‘welfare’ checks in past months).

3.  Panhandling/aggressive and nonagressive interactions.

4.  Bank robberies - Key Banks multiple events, and other banks nearby.

The role of the police officers assigned to the Junction beat and how they are working specifically to reduce crime and get to know residents and business in the neighborhood.

They wil also discuss some of the plans during the upcoming festivals this summer and the police presence during that time to reduce any concerns of residents.  The details are typically worked out in a police plan at permitting time, but they will help residents to understand it is a joint effort and process.

We will be opening a new park, Junction Plaza Park, in June in the neighborhood and know this will be another great gathering place.  I will be providing updates  on some of those plans and specifically what we are doing with lighting, benches, etc to promote safety in the park.

One last meeting to be aware of . . .staff from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will host a meeting on parking issues within the Triangle planning area.  That meeting will take place on May 20 at 6 PM at the West Seattle Senior Center.  As many of you know JuNO was very involved in the recent parking study that took place in the Junction.  I have heard from many of you about the challenges of parking on residential streets in our neigborhoods.  Please plan to attend this meeting as it is so important that SDOT here from us about what is working and what is not.

Candidate Fourm April 27

April 21st, 2010

Passing this along if you are interested:

B-Town (Burien) Blog’s Candidates Forum featuring the four announced candidates for 34th District State Representative, Position 2.

The Candidates Forum is set for Tuesday April 27 at the Highline Performing Arts Center on SW 152nd next to Highline High School in Burien, just east of I-509. It’ll run from 7pm to 8:30pm.

John Carlson of KVI and KOMO will serve as moderator. (John is originally from West Seattle, and actually ran for 34th District State Representative way back in the mid-80s).

All four announced candidates have agreed to participate:
Mike Heavey, Joe Fitzgibbon, Marcee Stone and Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy.

I am hoping you could forward this email to the West Seattle Junction Junction Neighborhood Organization mailing list and anyone else you think might be interested in attending.

We will open up the floor to questions from people who attend.  Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

- Mark Neuman

 Dear JuNO Members and Friends,

A big thank you to Rene Commons for the notes from our JuNO meeting on March 9th.  I was out of town and unable to lead the meeting.   And thank you to Cheryl Sizov for the important informatin shared and encouragement to continue forwarding suggestions on the new citywide design guidelines.

Please see the information presented below and the many opportunities outlined for futher coment and public input.  It is essential that we have a voice in the design guideline process so that we have the best possible development outcomes in our neighborhood.  Your feedback and concerns have been shared with the Department of Planning and Development (also copied on this email). 

I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting in May and at future design review meetings.




Junction Neighborhood Organization 


Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

6:30 – 8:30 PM


Guest Speaker: Cheryl Sizov, Senior Planner, DPD, City of Seattle

Presentation: Draft of new ‘Seattle Citywide Design Guidelines’


JuNO Agenda: Neighborhood Clean Up

Needed: Volunteer Coordinator – position available

Needed: Volunteer to receive materials from city – needs to be able to receive weekday




Updated Citywide Design Guidelines

Cheryl Sizov, Project Planner, Seattle Dept of Planning and Development was guest speaker at the JuNO March meeting. Cheryl presented the draft of Seattle’s Citywide Design Guidelines and tackled additional questioning as to how the proposed new guidelines would mesh with the current West Seattle Junction Urban Village Neighborhood Design Guidelines. Please take time to review the guideline Updated Citywide Design Guidelines at the link provided below and post your public comments or concerns.


Juno president, Erica Karlovits, asked Cheryl to consider trouble shooting some tough questions about the Design Review Process and the Land Use Code for Neighborhood Design Guidelines at the meeting. Cheryl did a great job of preparing and provided some answers and suggestions to our community in the question and answer period following her presentation.


WSBlog / Johnathon Fitzpatrick/JuNO meeting coverage



Cheryl relayed that Design Guidelines form a ‘basis’, but cannot guarantee or mandate specifically to the design review board or the developer. However Cheryl did acknowledge land use code ordinance (SMC 23.41.010) which states that Neighborhood Design Guidelines shall prevail if there are conflicts between Citywide Design Guidelines ( Neighborhood guidelines are intended to be more specific and augment the Citywide Design Guidelines). She mentioned that site development must follow zoning first. DPD asks that the developer analyze the site to consider its orientation, looking out on a Neighborhood scale and inward on arrangement of the building. Open spaces need to have a concept.


THE ROLE OF SEATTLE’S DESIGN GUIDELINES Design guidelines by themselves do not create good design nor do they ensure it. They do not address nor resolve disputes about zoning; likewise they do not address project impacts related to parking or traffic. What design guidelines do address are the qualities of architecture, urban design, and public space that make for successful projects and communities. Context and Site,  Public Life, and  Design Concept are the three directives provided for review in the new Citywide Design Guidelines.


JuNO members comments from the meeting were vibrant and specific.

Q: How can the community have a greater impact on the Design Review Process and ensure construction will follow what was approved in the meetings.

Cheryl said the Seattle’s Design Review Boards are intended to foster good design. Currently the city has identified that there are problems  in quality assurance problems follow up though construction phase. Perhaps the community can request or create a checklist of Neighborhood Design Guideline directives to assure they are achieved in each project design review.


Q: How can the Design Review Board process improve coordination of “Right of Way” with SDOT in a proactive way? Wouldn’t it make sense for DPD to coordinate more efficiently with SDOT to provide guidance in the early stages of design review. Too many projects are experiencing big changes after MUP due to SDOT regulations that distract rather than enhance our Neighborhood. Suggestion made to appoint skilled SDOT representative to be an integral part design review project review meetings.

Cheryl noted that SDOT is working on an Improvement manual and the document can be accessed online. This motion made to SDOT/DPD to appoint an representative to DRB was seconded by four people. Right of Way impact has valid overlap on the design review of projects. Write to  Vince Lyons and SDOT.


Q: Where is the accountability for projects that don’t get built right?

Noted to write to SDOT and DPD addressing leaders to make them aware of issues and concerns


Q: How can our community increase the impact of Neighborhood Design Review Guideline directives at public project design review meetings?

Audience suggestions were to increase awareness of specific sites being developed through actual scheduled site walks with community and the Design Review Board and posting site reviews on UTUBE for the Design Review Board to watch. Concerns noted were that DRB members in some reviews were not familiar with sites being reviewed. Continue an ongoing dialogue between the community and the SW DRB. Take an active interest in recruitment of DRB positions. Submit community packet directive to architect applicants. Suggestion was made for DPD to require applicants to photograph the site to acknowledge context and site.


Q: How can DRB members and directors be prepared to work effectively

Audience comments noted lack of time for sufficient public comment in DRB review. Comment also made that DPD review directors may be overloaded, in duress, and need break from workload. Suggestion to alternate directors of DRB was made.


Q: “Is the Design Review Process just softening the blow?”

The cut-off of community process in Design Review meetings was noted by an audience member. If Land Use code dictates development, and degree of scale how can the community impact developers to create well designed projects that endure and enhance the neighborhood?


Q; How does Queen Anne manage to protect their neighborhood character?


Other questions addressed were how to give our SW DRB more teeth to follow Neighborhood Design Guideline directives.



Neighborhood Design Guidelines


West Seattle Junction Urban Village Neighborhood Design Guidelines - download your own copy: http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/cms/groups/pan/@pan/@plan/@drp/documents/Web_Informational/cos_005122.pdf


Southwest Design Review Board(West Seattle): http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/Planning/Design_Review_Program/Who_We_Are/Boards/DPD_001381.asp

Each board has five members from backgrounds intended to represent the players in the development process: Design professional representative, Development representative, Community representative, Local residential representative, Local business representative


Citywide Design Guidelines Update/Public Comment Opportunity Overview DPD Updates Citywide Design GuidelinesThe City’s design guidelines, entitled Design Review: Guidelines for Multifamily and Commercial Buildings, have been the cornerstone of the Design Review Program since 1994. These original guidelines formed the basis for 19 sets of neighborhood-specific guidelines (as of July 2009) and a set of Downtown guidelines. In 2008 the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) initiated a process to update the 15 year old citywide guidelines and began drafting revisions with the assistance of architecture and urban design consultant Weinstein Architects and Urban Planners. The first draft of updated Citywide Design Guidelines is now available for public review.Public comment link for the Citywide Design Update Plan Draft:    http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/Planning/CitywideDesignGuidelinesUpdate/Overview/default.asp

 Citywide Design Update Plan Draft - download your own copy



The purpose of the update is, above all, to help increase the quality of design in Seattle’s Urban Neighborhoods. As a primary tool in the Design Review process, the guidelines provide the authority and mandate for Boards to review projects fairly and comprehensively across the city.


Opportunities for Public CommentThere are several opportunities for the public to comment on and influence the final draft of the updated Citywide Design Guidelines, including:§  Sending written comments to Cheryl Sizov, Project Manager, at DPD, Post Office Box 34019, Seattle, WA  98124-4019
or by e-mail to
cheryl.sizov@seattle.gov§  Attending the DPD-hosted public meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 5:30-7:30pm in the Bertha Landes room at City Hall.DPD will be accepting public comments through Wednesday, March 31, 2010.The City’s design guidelines, entitled Design Review: Guidelines for Multifamily and Commercial Buildings, have been the cornerstone of the Design Review Program since 1994. These original guidelines formed the basis for 19 sets of neighborhood-specific guidelines (as of July 2009) and a set of Downtown guidelines. In 2008 the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) initiated a process to update the 15 year old citywide guidelines and began drafting revisions with the assistance of architecture and urban design consultant Weinstein Architects and Urban Planners. The first draft of updated Citywide Design Guidelines is now available for public review.

  WS blog/ Whole ‘Hole’ Foods site update/public suggestion: make into a Park and Ride



Posting to this blog is often not as close to the top of my list of ‘to do’ items as I would hope it could be.  If you want the latest and greatest, better to send an email to erica at wsjuno dot com.

Our next meeting will be on July 14th at 6:30pm at Ginomai (corner of 42nd and Genesee).  On the agenda is a presentation by Catherine Barker and Jim Del Ciello of the Admiral neighborhood about historic preservation of buildings along the California corridor.

Directly following our meeting will be an event at the Concert in the Park (Hiawatha Park) at 7:30pm where some West Seattle residents that have volunteered and served our community will be honored.  Six volunteers will be recognized for contributions to the greater West Seattle community. Feel free to join the event!

A few other important items to note:

1.  Summer Fest:  Happening this weekend, July 10-12 in the Junction!  Parking in our neighborhood is going to be crazy with the thousands that will be attending this event.  Signs went up last night on streets in and around the Junction restricting parking from 7/9 at 6pm (I think) thru 7/12.  This is primarily for the event and bus access around the event.

2.  Junction Plaza Park:  We are well on our way to funding our park!  Friends of Junction Plaza Park, the West Seattle Junction Association, JuNO and the Seattle Parks Foundation have been working together to raise the estimated $350,000 to build our park on the corner of 42nd and Alaska.  We are currently at $303,554 and counting.  If you would like to contribute funds to help us build the park, here are a few options:

  • Stop at our Junction Plaza Park booth at Summer Fest this weekend and drop off a donation.  Our tent will be in the center of the Walk All Ways in the Junction.
  • Drink Beer!  Yes, drink beer in the beer garden on the grounds of our soon to be park next to the main stage during Summer Fest.  25% of the proceeds of our beer garden will go the park.  Elliott Bay Brewery, Georgewtown Brewery and Pyramid Brewery beers will be served.
  • Donate online at http://www.seattleparksfoundation.org/ and designate the donation to Junction Plaza Park.
  • Email me - I would be happy to share more details about our park with you!
  • Follow us on Facebook!  Search for Friends of Junction Plaza Park.

3.  Crime Prevention: I have been notified of a few car prowls in our neighborhood this past weekend.  Please remember to remove all valuables from you car, keep it locked, and be on the lookout for suspicious indivinduals.  Never hesitate to call 911.

4.  Neighborhood Planning:  A meeting to give input into the status of our neighborhood plan . .. . July 28th from 6-8pm.

Please join members of the Seattle Planning Commission and the Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee in the first of a series of two important community meetings.

These two citizen groups want to hear your thoughts. Come and tell us how your neighborhood has changed since your neighborhood plan was adopted. Your comments and input at this meeting will help the City of Seattle complete a status report that will look at how well your neighborhood plan is achieving its goals and strategies.

This first series of meetings will provide an opportunity to learn about your neighborhood plan, the projects that have been implemented, and growth and changes that have occurred since the plan was written in the late 90’s. We will explore issues such as growth, transportation, housing, economic development , basic utilities, neighborhood character, open space and parks, public services, public safety, and other issues.

The second meeting series, tentatively scheduled for October, will be an opportunity to review the status report. 

Dates and locations for Series One - Neighborhood Status Report Updates.  July 28th
For Admiral, West Seattle Junction, Morgan Junction, Delridge, Westwood/Highland Park, Georgetown

6-8 p.m
Delridge Community Center Gym 4501 Delridge Way SW

To learn more information, please visit http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/Planning/Neighborhood_Planning/StatusReports/

With questions please contact Planning Commission staff at (206) 684-8694 or katie.sheehy@seattle.gov

5.  Clean-up:  Thanks to all of you that particpated in our Adopt-A-Street clean-up on June 20th! 

On Saturday June 20th, a Clean and Green Event will be taking place in our neighborhood. The event is to create a new P-Patch on a section of land on 42nd and Genesee that the West Seattle Christian Church is making available. In conjunction with the p-patch work, we will also be doing an Adopt-A-Street clean-up around the Junction. The event is from 9am-1pm. We will be meeting for coffee and cupcakes at West Seattle Christian Church (corner of 42nd and Genesee), have opening comments (the Mayor will be at the event) and then head off to clean-up. Additional volunteers are needed for the clean-up - the more volunteers we have, the more gets cleaned up! We will also include the site for our Junction Plaza Park in our efforts - we hope to break ground on the park in the Fall! Please join us for this event! We will provide all the tools needed (bags, gloves, etc). Hope to see you then! Erica